Here I curate works that leave strong impressions on me. This list is a way for me to track the evolution of my interests, and to share with you the cool things that other people make. 
Update, September 2020: This list is desperately out of date. I will update sometime!

August 2, 2019  |Summer Before College


Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life
By Adam Greenfield

Weiwei Hsu
Interaction designer striving to bridge the gap between ideals and reality.

Daniel Kao Software engineer, previously at NYT, covering the interplay of politics, technology, and education.

Ken Liu Self-described writer of “silk-punk” (and translator, and software engineer, and litigation attorney.)

Cixin Liu Chinese sci-fi author of the Three Body Series, a force of imagination that abides by the physics of reality.

Yang Yang Cheng Particle physicist writing about growing up within the story of China. Her essays are deeply eloquent, personal, and informative, told within sociopolitical context. 

Michio Kaku
Physicist and futurist. What is so special about Kaku: a willingness to entertain anything, no matter how farfetched. The bounds of his reality are limitless.
Physical Computing—
They (︎) are prototyping the future.

Marisa Lu

Xiang 'Anthony' Chen


Philip Guo

Recode Decode

The Knowledge Project


Helen Tran

The Futur


Daniel Schiffman (@The Coding Train)

CMU School of Design

2018 |End of Highschool

Mostly listed here on my old site. Some highlights:


Winnie Lim
An individual who thinks and writes deeply about self-analysis.

Fiction writer whose stories read like dreams hidden within ordinary life.

Zat Rana

Charles Chu

Haruki Murakami

Banana Yoshimoto

YufeiEmail friend I met at ISEF. Her mind is a collision of curiosity and vast imagination. A source of constant creative wonder!

Visual Art—

Denis Sarazhin

Nicolas Nemiri

Yuko Shimizu

All Things China
Eileen Chengyin Chow

Alec Ash

David Moser

The Anthill