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Dexcom CGM • Design Lab

Anmol Arora
Isabella Zendejas

Duration Oct. 2019 - Dec. 2019   

Empowering users to request diabetees sensor replacements on their own terms.

As a Product Designer, I worked on interactive prototypes, conducted user interviews, and implemented the final design in code with Bootstrap 4. My work is currently NDA. However, I am happy to talk about my process at a high level. 



What does Dexcom do as a company?


Problem Framing

Before jumping into the solution, our team took care to frame the right problem. 

We developed a storyboard to keep the user’s emotional journey top of mind, accounting for the context the product operates in.

We then gathered qualitative information from participant interviews and online forums, identifying opportunity points for intervention.



We ideated three solutions, considering the advantages and feasibility of each approach.



In the end, we decided upon the Autoreplacement Form, a mobile form that allows users to order replacements straight from the Dexcom app.


Low-Fidelity Paper Prototype: Testing

We sketched out our ideas on paper to validate our concept with users. 


Establishing Core User Stages

After validating the concept, it was time to establish the core user stages, enabling us to flesh out each step.


Iterative High-Fidelity Prototypes: Testing

From that point on, it was testing, testing, testing.

We prototyped high-fidelity screens in Figma for semi-structured tests with users. 


Final Round of Testing

For the final round of testing, I coded a clickable HTML/CSS/JS prototype and conducted more comprehensive testing on the target user base. 


User Feedback

Finally, we presented the user feedback to stakeholders on the Dexcom executive board, a team of product managers, design leads, and engineers. 

Users appreciated our design for saving them time, offering greater flexibility in their busy lifestyles. 


Future Steps

How may we elaborate on this design?




The importance of user research

As someone who has previously worked mostly for my own passion projects, this project opened my eyes to the unexpected improvements that user testing reveals. Speaking directly to the people that use the product, on the ground with the users, was insightful, rewarding, and invaluable.


Designing and pivoting on a tight deadline

Executing on a project from start to finish in 7 weeks meant that decisions had to be made fast, to present more content to question during user-testing sessions.


Copy matters!

Design is ultimately about communication, and word choice heavily influences emotions and interpretation.


Trust in healthcare automation

Healthcare automation products must straddle a fine line between encouraging peace of mind and discouraging overreliance.

I was humbled to learn about the strict self-monitoring required to manage diabetes, an experience disjoint from my own day-to-day life. 





Hear what our stakeholders have to say.
"Mengming covered a lot of ground in the subject domain and was able to adapt changing needs to get the project done. I really appreciated the extra work on the code and working in a way that allowed people to follow along. Great job. The workflow she worked on was a meaningful one for Dexcom, if not the most important one, as it has a huge impact both on the bottom line as well as the user experience.”
Ben West, Product Engineer, DDI Partner - Dexcom

"It was a total pleasure collaborating with the UCSD Design Lab students. They were committed to understanding the challenges our customers face, and designed solutions that not only satisfied the business requirements but also offered an exceptional customer experience. I was impressed with their approach to our brand’s challenges, their thirst for knowledge and their confidence in presenting to a professional audience. I look forward to partnering with them again."
Anne Santoro, Director of Customer Experience - Dexcom

"With an extraordinary level of compassion and insight, the students were able to understand the service-related issues patients face and provide relevant, useful prototypes."
Nolan Rey, Process Owner Global Technical Support - Dexcom

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