Greetings! I’m Mengming: product designer and HCI student. 🤸‍

I aspire to contribute to the design of digital mediums, small or large, that help others create. In the meantime, I am enjoying explorations with the wonderful team at the Design Lab of UCSD.




1 • Product Design 

User Research + Product Design

Designing for Diabetes Management

Industry • Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring •  Fall 2019

Mobile experiences empowering users to request sensor replacements on their own terms. 

Web Development + Interaction Design

ChronoViz Web

Research Apprentice • Design Lab •  Spring 2020 (Ongoing)

A tool for “highlighting” and annotating ranges of time-based media, for ethnographic research.


2 • Experiments in Computing

Some stuff I play around with outside of design! Everything below is self-directed unless otherwise stated.


3 • Other Odds and Ends

Mostly art + creative computing. There’s a loooot more where that came from


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